Modernize and make the most of your space with this simple yet incredibly versatile and functional convertible seating set. When adjacent, the seating can be used as a 2-seat sofa. Due to the unique feature allowing each seat to glide outward and swivel 360 degrees, the 2-seater sofa can be transformed into two single chairs separated by a center wood coffee table. If further relaxation is desired, simply unfold the seat cushion into a chaise lounge. For use as a bed or a lounge with angled backrest, utilize the 6-position adjustable locking back rest on each seat anywhere between a 90-180 degree angle.

The woven cream upholstery is zippered and removable for easy cleaning. Tucked inside the zippers are extendable legs for support when the seating is fully extended and being used as a bed. The frame is constructed entirely of sturdy steel with a matte finish and features black rubber feet for protection of your flooring. 

Sofa Width: 71.5"W to 84.5"W

Sofa Depth: 29"D

Sofa Height: 29.5"H

Seat Measures: 16"H

Leg Measures: 5.25"

Bed Width: 71.5"W

Bed Depth: 77.5"D

Bed Height: 10"H

Coffee Table Measures: 15.25"W x 23.25"D

$2,135.00 $1,601.25